The DoggerJogger is the easiest way to jog your dog in the “safety zone” alongside your bike. It is the optimum method for exercising your dog quickly and at its own pace.  You maintain control and proper speed while your dog jogs comfortably.  Following your lead develops a stronger bond between your dog and its “pack leader,” you!  This fulfilling activity contributes to better fitness, increases your dog’s ability to focus, can help solve behavioral problems and increases trainability!

The DoggerJogger attaches to your bike in two places:  on the bike frame near the rear axle and at the pedal.  The breakthrough design allows a two-point connection which maintains the dog’s position without hardware, brackets, bolts or tools!  It snaps on your bike in seconds, the soft nylon straps will not damage or ding your paint or frame, and the beautiful nickel-plated hardware will shine brightly for years.

When you arrive at your destination, the DoggerJogger snaps off the bike and is small enough to fit in your pocket!  Or it becomes a standard leash.  Or you can snap it to a post or tree without having to remove it from your dog’s collar. It’s SIMPLE at every stage!

Most importantly, it connects to your dog’s collar at the proper angle for safety, and the elastic cord built into the leash gives your dog feedback about his position within the “safety zone.”  In the event of an entanglement or mishap, the breakaway feature allows the dog to separate from the leash to avoid injury.

How many times have you come home from work or the gym and felt guilty that your dog is a couch potato?  At the very least, you know it’s not getting the workout it really needs.  The DoggerJogger is the simple solution to getting out, having fun and being active together!