Welcome to the DoggerBlogger, first edition, October 2, 2013

When a family man had the idea to exercise his energetic dog by running him on the late-night streets of Chicago, the beginning of a revolution in dog fitness began.  However, it did not take long to decide there must be a better way…

Background:  Every day dog owners go out in the world only to return home to their lovable pooch.  But often forgotten is the time your pup has spent idly waiting for your return, hours and hours by the door or window wondering when you will be back to spend time together.

You may have had a full day, but your dogs have not.  And they want to do something fun, with YOU!  The DoggerJogger lets you exercise your dog quickly and efficiently.  The dog gains a true sense of purpose while developing an outstanding level of fitness in a safe and easy way!  Your dog deserves this!

Sounds fun and easy, right?  But wait, there’s more.  No, really; so much more!  You see, getting outdoors and participating in an activity together brings fulfillment of purpose for your dog.  A meaningful activity that builds toward a fitness level that could add years to your devoted companion’s highest quality of life is just the added bonus!  Dogs literally smile as they cruise the city paths and country backroads with you because they are doing what they love.  You have a bike, you have a dog…the DoggerJogger sets you free.