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Sacramento Bee Gives Publicity For The DoggerJogger, April 21, 2014

A little friendly fun in an “Open Letter” to Sam McManis at the Sacramento Bee:


It was really nice of you to mention the DoggerJogger in your article today, “Provisions: Travel stuff you need,” and give it a rating of “not bad.” I guess they say there is no such thing as bad publicity! Did I send you a sample to try with your dogs? If not, I believe you should send me your address so we can get you on your bike and get the dogs running, which would give you the chance to do a full-blown awesome review! I’ll even get you a limited edition t-shirt if you’re a little nicer next time!

Sacramento Bee 4 21 2014

You see, the whole point of the using the DoggerJogger is to allow your dogs to run in the “safety zone” alongside your bike where they won’t be able to “bolt in all directions!” I think it is imperative that you experience the miracle of the DoggerJogger. It lets you take any dog twice as far in half the time! Send me your address and I will set you up.

I’m glad you like the YouTube videos, but did you get to the website and watch what is offered on www.doggerjogger.com? There is a great deal of information at our site which would truly complement what you may have learned from the YouTube.

Either way, thanks for spreading the good word of “The Easy Way To Jog Your Dog.” Hope to hear back from you soon!

“My Dog Works Out!”

Bill Braman
Owner and Inventor of the DoggerJogger