How It Works:  DoggerJogger Quick-Start Video Lesson 

The DoggerJogger is very successful with dogs of all sizes, even strong pullers.  The extreme stability is the result of the attachment to the bike below the center of gravity.  Additionally, because of the momentum and inertia of forward movement, the dog has limited wherewithal to “turn and go” or really pull in any direction when the bike is moving at a quick walking speed or faster.  If the dog attempts to re-direct when the bike and dog have a little speed, the combination of bike momentum, gyroscopic force of the wheels and the suspension system of the DoggerJogger quickly return the dog to a forward motion, even if the dog wants to change direction.

Often when people hear “Bike Dog Leash,” they are caught off guard by misconception.  This is perfectly reasonable given they are thinking of a person riding a bike with one hand while restraining a dog with the other.  However, upon better understanding of the physics and common sense brilliance of the design of the DoggerJogger, even the most staunch skeptics arrive at the “Oh, I get it!” point and achieve peace with the science!

The DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash allows you to keep two hands on your handlebars with your dog in the “safety zone” alongside your bike, while maintaining complete awareness of your dog’s position via the “two-way feedback system” of the pedal!


3-point connection to bike frame, pedal and dog maintains dog’s position alongside bike without hardware, brackets or tools.

Multi-point attachment maintains “shape” without hardware.
Soft nylon will not scratch or ding.

Attaches below center of gravity for maximum stability.
Soft nylon straps protect bike frame.

Clips to collar from below, avoids pressure on airway.
Quick-release disengages away from dog if necessary.

Universal connection to all bikes.

Connects to either side of bike.

Dog maintains position alongside bike in the “safety zone.”

DoggerJogger attachment does not interfere with gears or moving parts on bike.

Installation Demonstration Video

When you arrive at your destination, or if your dog needs a short break, the DoggerJogger converts to walking leash in seconds.

When not in use, the DoggerJogger can be temporarily hooked under the seat.

The DoggerJogger disconnects from your bike in 20 seconds. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket!


The DoggerJogger allows you to break the routine and go, go, go.  She has four legs, you have two!  No wonder you can’t keep pace on a walk and she wants to pull ahead.  Riding your bike with the DoggerJogger gives you control so you can give your dog the exercise she needs!

It’s been shown that regular exercise combats health conditions, but there are many more benefits, too.   It will improve his mood, may lead to a decrease in behavioral problems, will boost energy, promote better sleep and provide an intellectual challenge.  Perhaps the most important benefit is the bond that a mutual physical activity promotes between you and your dog.

If I could improve the best quality of my dog’s life, I would do it immediately.  Don’t wait, order your DoggerJogger now and give your dog the gift of fitness, fresh air, physical well-being and fun!

The only reason you don’t have one is because you didn’t know about it!