You LOVE your dog and want what’s best, right?

The DoggerJogger is the best way to jog your dog in the “safety zone” alongside your bicycle.  It allows you to give your dog a meaningful and comprehensive exercise activity to promote his best health in an efficient and safe manner. (Why it’s better, click here.)

Given the choice, you would want to minimize the risk of canine diabetes, heart disease, cancer and joint injuries, wouldn’t you?*  In their latest survey, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found 55% of dogs were overweight or obese, which translates to 43 million dogs!**

Dr. Steven Budsberg of the University of Georgia and past-president of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons remarks, “As a surgeon, many of the joint problems I treat are related to excess weight. If pet owners could keep their pet at a normal weight, many of these surgeries could be avoided.  Even more important is the impact obesity has on joints and the arthritic changes that are often crippling.  Many overweight pets experience severe joint pain that could easily be prevented by proper diet and exercise.”

The DoggerJogger gives you the choice to provide your dog the efficient exercise she needs in a fun way on a regular basis.  Cross-training with different distances and routes keeps the stimulation fresh and interest level high!

* Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine,Volume 25, Issue 2, pages 187-198, 3/4, 2011

DoggerJogger’s Keys To The Best Exercise

The activity has to be FUN.
Your dog needs a REGULAR routine.
Going TOGETHER builds loyalty for the activity.
VARY the workout to keep it “fresh” and exciting.

You want the best and longest quality of life for your dog.  Wouldn’t it be great to add years to your dog’s best fitness levels by doing something together that’s fun, easy and different every time out?

You’ve got a bike, you love your dog, you need a DoggerJogger!

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