Dixie Demonstrates The DoggerJogger

Ryan was in Iowa, observing the DoggerJogger display at the Pet Expo, skeptical about the “magic” of the DoggerJogger.  I remember saying to him, “Ryan, I can tell you right now that Dixie is going to love this.  If you don’t believe it, let me take her for a spin and show you.”  He replied that he would rather try it himself, so we clipped his energetic Pit Bull mix to the bike dog leash and allowed Ryan and Dixie to demonstrate.   What followed next was captured on video…watch:

Ryan was flat out amazed.  Dixie, a 48-pound rambunctious Pit Bull, jogged smoothly and comfortably.  So much so that when Ryan pulled up all he could say was, “Genius.”  Then he was temporarily speechless.  Finally he said,  “I wouldn’t have thought it would have been that smooth.  Super Smooth!  and she’s a puller!”

The DoggerJogger is the fun fitness solution to getting any dog active alongside any bike.  Dixie loves it, Ryan believes it, and you and your dog will, too.

Where do you want to go?  The DoggerJogger–It’ll take you places!

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