How Dog Owners Can Find the Perfect House

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By Special Corresondent Cindy Aldridge for DoggerBlogger and

Searching for a new home can be one of the most fun and frustrating times. Sometimes, it seems like every house has what you want — except that one thing you can’t live without.  When you have a pooch or two in your family, finding a home can be even more of a challenge.

When you start the process, make sure your real estate agent knows you have a dog. Your realtor should keep that in mind when helping you find the perfect home for you and your pup.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything, but don’t fret. You’ll find the right place. Start by making a list of all the things you want in a house for your own happiness. When you’re finished, start considering your dog. Does the new place have a fenced yard? If not, can you afford to add a fence? Does it have a doggy door or a place you could add one? Keeping your dog’s needs in mind can help you find the best home for you both.

Give your dog space

If you have a large dog, you should consider space a top priority. Squeezing a giant dog along with adults into a small condo can be a real challenge. You want your dog to have room to stretch out, and you want that same ability for yourself. Small dogs, on other other hand, can fit in almost everywhere. If you have elderly dogs or dogs with disabilities, you might not want a home with a lot of stairs. Or if you do, make sure you can carry your pooch up and down the stairs if necessary.

Get floored

Carpets are nice and make a home extra-cozy. But if you have dogs who enjoy running in and out of the house a lot (and through the mud), carpets are bound to get funky. If your dog is a puppy, elderly, or has a condition that causes bladder leakage, carpets can get ruined pretty quickly. And they absorb odor, which can make for a smelly home. Look for a home with tile floors, hardwood, or painted concrete. These types of floors make for easier cleanup and they don’t trap odors. Luckily, flooring is replaceable. So whatever your flooring options, there’s always the opportunity for a change.

Location, location

Is your new neighborhood dog-friendly? A quick walk or drive around the neighborhood after work hours can give you the answer. In a dog-friendly neighborhood, you’ll see lots of dogs out for their evening strolls. If the neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks, regular strolls might be more difficult.

Check for parks and dog parks nearby. Parks are excellent for walking or running with your four-legged friend, and dog parks are a great place for him to stretch his legs and play with other pooches. If your home is near a beach, check if it’s dog-friendly so you and your pal can enjoy playing in the sand and sun.

Adapting to a new home

Once you find the perfect place and it’s time to move in, make sure you’ve brought all your pup’s familiar things, such as beds, blankets, and toys. It might seem like a good idea for a fresh start, but don’t wash any of his bedding before you move; the old smells will give him comfort. When unpacking boxes, allow your dog to sniff as much as he wants. Dogs are scent-oriented, and checking out the items that came from your old house will provide some comfort.

Dogs are generally adaptable animals, as long as there is familiarity and routine. Give your dog lots of comfort with pets and cuddles as much as possible, and help your pet adapt to the new routine by staying consistent. While unpacking in your new home, take frequent breaks to play with your dog. He needs reassurance — just like a child — that you’re going to be together forever, despite major life changes. Keep your own anxiety to a minimum because dogs can see your stress. If you feel stressed, your dog will, too.

Finding the right home for you and your dog can be a simple process if you plan ahead and keep both your needs in mind during your house hunt. Once you find the perfect place, it won’t take long before your pooch is settled. Soon, it will be like he lived there all along.

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A Quick Guide to “Crunchy Granola” Pet Ownership

A Quick Guide to “Crunchy Granola” Pet Ownership

By Jessica Brody
[email protected]

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Tamara Bellis

With so much changing in our world these days, many pet owners are curious how to provide lasting health to their pets while also being conscious of the world around us. Many sustainability minded, environmentally conscious individuals want to “go green” when it comes to pet ownership.
Here’s a quick guide to “crunchy granola” pet ownership:

  1. Eco-Friendly
    To become a more environmentally conscious pet owner, you can start by switching to biodegradable food bowls (bamboo is one excellent option). Rather than buying expensive cat condominiums for your feline friends, try recycling leftover cardboard boxes (your cat will love them, I promise!). Recycled plastic bottles can now be used to make dog toys – or even dog beds!
  2. Minimize Waste
    Making your own pet food allows you to have even better control over what your pet is eating. In addition, it is also better for your pet – and for the environment. For example, some veterinarians now recommend eliminating potential food allergens, gluten, GMOs and other irritating ingredients to reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – yes, pets can get IBS just like humans can! In addition, you can help reduce waste in the environment by choosing products with minimal packaging and by purchasing from companies that focus on minimal waste. All of these efforts will help reduce your pet’s carbon footprint.
  3. Bring Your Pet With You
    Many cities and towns have “crunchy” stores and shops that are eco-friendly, locally-owned and are often pet-friendly. It’s always a good idea to call ahead before just showing up with your pet, but if pets are welcome, this can be a great bonding experience for the two of you. It’s also a purrfect opportunity to practice obedience training and socialization skills. Some types of places to try might include: local coffee shops, pet stores, conscious restaurants, and dog-friendly parks.

In addition to the tips listed above, there are also some basic pet ownership steps that any good pet owner should consider. First, if you’re new to pet ownership or are in the process of getting a new pet, you’ll want to plan for how you will help your new pet acclimate to living with you. There will be an adjustment period for both of you, while you learn to live with each other and your pet learns to become more comfortable in new surroundings. This is especially true for rescue pets, who understandably may be nervous or fearful at first.

If you work especially long hours, you may want to hire a dog walker, pet sitter, or consider boarding your pet. This is especially true in the first few weeks after adopting, to ensure your pet is taken care of and doesn’t feel abandoned or lonely. Check out local dog walkers at

Here’s to all the crunchy granola pet owners – and their “fur babies” – for making this world a better place! As you can see from the list above, we are very lucky to live in a world where it is very possible to pamper your pet while still being friendly to the planet. With so many options available to us these days, it’s easier than ever to be an environmentally conscious, sustainable, and loving pet owner.


“Angus the Great” from Pittsburgh, PA; Celebrity Endorsement

The DoggerJogger mailbag often contains the most wonderful endorsements and thank-you notes from our DoggerJogger bike dog leash faithful.  We love hearing from our “admirers” and enjoy (even more) seeing the photos and videos that accompany the letters.  Often these items get posted on our Facebook page ( or Twitter feed, but today we’re featuring some incredibly artistic shots from of the one and only “Angus the Great” of Pittsburgh.  Angus’s owner, Jason Fait, is a freelance graphic designer and marketing & advertising professional.  For more amazing photos, please visit

In the last photo, it is shown how Jason retro-fitted the DoggerJogger to work for Angus. This is not the “recommendation” but owners know their dogs and themselves better than anyone. We applaud Jason for the ingenuity and finding a way to give Angus the Great his best quality of life!

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh Riverfront Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh Bridges

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger


DoggerJogger Expo Season, Ride Bike With Your Dog!

Every spring and summer the DoggerJogger team hits the road for the Pet and Outdoor Activity Expos across the country.  Three of our favorite stops are the Great Iowa, Indy and Kansas City Pet Expos, all hosted by our friend Cathy Erickson.  In this video, she reminds us why dog owners and outdoor/fitness enthusiasts LOVE the DoggerJogger…watch!


Barktoberfest in Kansas City, October 3, 2015


The Plain White T’s, Rachel Platten and Mikey Needleman Band played when the DoggerJogger came to Kansas City for BARKTOBERFEST on October 3rd.
Great music and free DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash test rides all day long, from 2-8 pm.
Totally Free Admission to Shawnee Mission Park’s Theater in the Park, sponsored by 99.7, the Point!

Below you can see the action at the DoggerJogger booth, as well as a panoramic view of the grounds, The Plain White T’s and Rachel Platten.

Oct 3 2015 Barktoberfest 208 - AOct 3 2015 Barktoberfest 117 -A Oct 3 2015 Barktoberfest 086 - B Oct 3 2015 Barktoberfest 298 Oct 3 2015 Barktoberfest 166 - A







The DoggerJogger “Works,” But WHY? Physics and Science Behind the DoggerJogger

What?!! —

Often the owner of an active dog sees the DoggerJogger for the first time and says, “I love it, it looks great, but it would never work for MY dog.”  After a demonstration and an explanation they will try it, sometimes with trepidation.  But once they get on their bike and encourage their dog, the typical outburst is “This is AMAZING!”

 Yes, it IS amazing, but at DoggerJogger we are not surprised because we understand the physics of the bike dog leash.  The ability for anybody to ride a bike with an exuberant dog jogging safely alongside seems incredible.  However, if you take one look at the numbers you can come to terms with how much easier it is to ride a bike with your dog than to go for a walk.

The Physics–

 We asked Brian Leopold, a DoggerJogger owner and physics professor, to explain the commanding strength of the DoggerJogger and why the dog can’t stop the bike.  He said, “The work done by the dog if he is going to stop the bike, rider and himself (‘the system’ in physics language) must be equal to the kinetic energy of the system.”  Translated from physics-speak to everyday language, he said that the dog can’t stop himself, the bike and the rider unless the dog is able to impart an equal amount of force.  If a person who weighs 150 lbs. is going 7 mph on a 25-pound bicycle, a 70-pound dog would have to instantly impart 400 pounds of force!  The same setup at 12 mph would require 1,200 pounds of force!

Safety Quick-Release–

There are several reasons this would never happen with the DoggerJogger, the first being that the safety breakaway has a maximum setting of about 135 lbs. tensile strength, so the injury prevention mechanism would give way before the dog could jerk the bike to a stop.  (Even the Heavy Duty HD accessory breakaway has a tensile strength of only 200 lbs, not even close to 400!)  The second reason it can’t happen is that the bare feet of any dog running at 7 mph cannot hold against that type of force.  Third, the dog’s strongest legs for pushing are in the back, and are designed to push forward.  Again, a dog can’t just “put on the brakes,” no matter how strong a puller it may be.

DoggerJogger Works For All Dogs, All Bikes

DoggerJogger Works For All Dogs, All Bikes

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DoggerJogger – The easiest way to jog your dog!  Click here to Shop Now.

DoggerJogger presents the Southport (Chicago) Independence Day Bike Parade! July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014 jpg

Starting in 2008, two of my neighbors, Dave Keeler and Kevin Marquardt, had the idea to gather the local kids from the surrounding blocks of Wrigleyville, provide a bunch of crepe paper streamers and mini U.S. flags, grab a snare drum and march down Southport to kick off the 4th of July celebration.  All the families with kids were up early anyway, looking for something to do before heading out for cookouts and fireworks.  As time went on, like all great events, it grew and grew and eventually needed a title sponsor to hand out FREE t-shirts:  DOGGERJOGGER!  So the 2014 Grassroots Bike Parade was a spectacular tribute to 1776, the brave signers of the Declaration and all things American!  Happy 248th, USA!

Watch the Veterans, the Kids and the Young at Heart,

July 4th, 2014