“Angus the Great” from Pittsburgh, PA; Celebrity Endorsement

The DoggerJogger mailbag often contains the most wonderful endorsements and thank-you notes from our DoggerJogger bike dog leash faithful.  We love hearing from our “admirers” and enjoy (even more) seeing the photos and videos that accompany the letters.  Often these items get posted on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/doggerjogger) or Twitter feed, but today we’re featuring some incredibly artistic shots from of the one and only “Angus the Great” of Pittsburgh.  Angus’s owner, Jason Fait, is a freelance graphic designer and marketing & advertising professional.  For more amazing photos, please visit www.capturedidentity.com

In the last photo, it is shown how Jason retro-fitted the DoggerJogger to work for Angus. This is not the “recommendation” but owners know their dogs and themselves better than anyone. We applaud Jason for the ingenuity and finding a way to give Angus the Great his best quality of life!

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh Riverfront Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh Bridges

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger - Pittsburgh

Angus the Great - DoggerJogger